Welcome to the Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts Guild
We at the Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts Guild strive to:
  • To restore, maintain, preserve and display the vehicles manufactured by the Standard Motor Company Limited  (later Leyland STI) - between 1903 and 1964 inclusive. 

  • To promote and foster throughoutAustralia the mutual interests of owners of vehicles manufactured  by  the Standard Motor Company Limited (later Leyland STI) - between 1903 and 1964 inclusive.

  • Access to our services will be worldwide through the utilisation of Information Technology solutions. By using Internet we will seek to reach serve and share within a widened spectrum of associations.

  • To maintain a Register of Standard and Vanguard vehicles.  

  • To locate, preserve, distribute and/or make available technical and service information to Club Members.

  • To establish a working relationship with suppliers of spare parts and to foster the supply of these parts in a timely manner, to assist Members in the location and acquisition of parts, tools & equipment .  
  • To arrange periodical Meetings of Members for the exchange and discussion of information
  • To publish a regular Newsletter for the benefit of Members and their  families.
  • To promote the Association publicly by means of the print media ie. newspapers, periodicals, books and leaflets.
  • To promote social, technical, and sporting activities among Members and / or other clubs.

    The aim of the Events Organiser/s will be:
    That you / your family will be interested, supportive and enjoy attending the Association's social events.   Attendance in a Standard Motor vehicle will be much preferred but it is realised and accepted that this will not always be possible.