It is an aim of the Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts guild to actively restore and maintain vehicles produced by the Standard Motor Company. We would like to share with you to what extent some Enthusiasts Guild Members go to in this endevour to restore their vehicles. This page is dedicated to the hard work and some times high expectations of their tasks. I must say that if it is worth doing it is worth doing properly, so this may take a while, so be patient and keep watching this page.
We will give you as much detail about this restoration as we can as we go through this project together.
Well This one has been a long time comming.
Over the past 16 years I have owned this old girl every anual club event we keep saying I will get her sprayed for next years rally,,,, but never do.
So we made a commitment and got it done. Many thanks to Stephen Johns for the great job he has done on her and for his son Greg for his support throughout the project.
Now here are some photos of her in and through progress.
As she was before the work started
Chrome work starts to come off

Lights out and bumpers off

rub down the sides and fix that rear sill
undercoat her and she loos funny with out the red
Bonnet sprayed
Bonnet chrome work back on and she starts to look smart again
The first red goes on after carefully being matched to the original color charts.
Red on the sides
and a little more red
And a little more
There she is with all her chrome and new paint job done
she looks so sweet
Now with a fresh set of carpets from Trufit Carpets Dandenong she is all ready for her next adventure.