1926Standard11.4 HPV3 ColeshillSingle door roadster4 cylinder OHV all in line68mm bore x 90mm stroke 1307cc6.5/1 Zenith 22 VS01 6292762Kg (15CTW)27.3 Litres ( 6 Gallons) Excellent all weather equipment (side curtains & hood removable), 5 stud Sankey Wheels, silent worm rear wheel drive, unenclosed valve rockers for easy valve adjustment, 2 plate wet clutch, excellent rear brakes and good cruising speed 30M.P.H (48 Klm).
1935Standard ? CoventryCoup2 Door Saloon Deluxe6 Cylinder side valve 2.66478mm x 106mm5.5:160 at 3600 RPMSolex F.H type Vertical take off 44 Litres4 Speed floor change Wilson Pre selective gear box. Firm ride but positive on road. Good clean view all round and a pleasure to drive!
1939StandardFlying 82 Door Roadster4 cylinder 1021cc Side valve57mm x 100mm6.7 to 131 at 4000 RPMSingle Solex760Kg27.2 ltrBody by J.C Richards Body Works South Australia. Independent front suspension, 3 speed floor change gear box, great touring vehicle with great comfort and vision.
1939Standard?Flying 8?Roadster8HP 4 Cylinder 1021c/c57m/m Bore x 100m/m stroke6.7-131Single Solex 1? 14 CWT (751Kg)6 Gallons (27 Litres)A very reliable and comfortable little car. No special features just easy to drive. Has cable operated brakes which are almost useless in reverse and boasts independent front suspension- a real first on early small cars. Usually returns around 45 mpg (6.25Litres/100Km)
1944Standard12CWT VanLight Utility4 Cylinder Side Valve69m/m Bore x 106m/m stroke6.5-111.98Single Solex 25CWT 12 Gallons Originally built for use by the British Airforce to transport air crew to their plane sometimes up to one mile from the base.
1948Standard Flying 8Saloon4 cylinder 1009cc Side valve56.7mm x 100mm6.7 to 128 at 4000 RPMSolex type F.A.I802Kg27 ltrFour speed gearbox, reasonable good ride for a small vehicle. Excellent fuel economy, sun roof and a pleasure to drive. Former Vic Reg LU 392 
1949StandardVanguardSedan 4 Door4 cylinder 2088cc85mm x 92mm6.7 to 168 at 4200 RPMSolex1230Kg68 ltrGear change lever on the right hand side of the steering wheel. The PH I was first released in Britain in July 1947 and Australia in early 1948. This Beetle-back model continued with some changes until March 1953 when it was replaced by the  PH II Spacemaster with the long boot. The Vanguard was named after the last British Battleship, was one of the first new British post war deigns with a full width body designed for the world market. Both models were fitted with the unique wet sleeve motor, modified versions being installed in Ferguson Tractors (1949 to 1950?s) and Morgan Sports Cars.  
1950STANDARD TRIUMPHMAYFLOWER2 DOOR SEDAN4CYL SIDE VALVE 1247CC63 M/M X 100 M/M6.8/138 AT 4200 RPMSINGLE SOLEX933 Kg36.5 LITRESExcellent Comfort & Vision, 3 speed Column Change Gear Box, Under Powered
1950Standard Triumph?Renown? 2 litre4 Door Saloon4 Cylinder Wet Sleeve OHV 2088cc85mm x 92mm6:0168 at 4200 RPMSolex Downdraught Type 32 B1024 CWT 3QRS 7lb (1260Kg)15 Gallons (68 Litres)Manually applied overdrive in third gear ( fitted with Laycock De Normanville unit). Original rope twisted panic straps in rear. All passengers supplied with armrests. Armrests an front doors being adjustable for the driver and the passenger comfort. Original working HMV radio (push button) and heat system.
1950Triumph MayflowerSaloonSide valve 1247 cc38 at 4200 RPM6.8 : 12.48 X 3.94   63mm X 100mmSolex 18 CWT ¼ 14lb (936kg)9 gallons (36litres) 
1951Standard VanguardPhase I Sedan 4 cylinder 2088cc 85mm x 93mm7 to 168 at 4200 RPMSingle Solex1350Kg70 ltr 
1952Standard VanguardPhase I ASedan4 cylinder 2088cc85mm x 93mm7 to 168 at 4200 RPMSingle Solex1350Kg70 ltr3 speed full syncro gear box, trafficators
1953StandardFamily 8Saloon4 cylinder 803.5cc O.H.V58mm x 76mm7 to 126 at 4500 RPMSolex735Kg32 ltrComfortable, economical and reliable. No frills motoring.
1953StandardVanguard Phase IIUtility4 Cylinder OHV 2088c/c85mm x 92mm7.0-168 at 4200 rpmSingle Solex24 CWT (1265Kg)15 Gallons (68Litres)3 speed Gear box, Steering column gear change, Synchro mesh on all forward gears.
1954Standard Vanguard Series II4 Door Sedan4 cylinder  Over Head Side valve 127.6 (2088cc)85mm x 92mm70 to 168 at 4200 RPMSingle Type 32 Bio1300Kg57 ltrFully Imported Fishlow Body. Three Speed with sincro-mesh on all forward gears. Locking fuel cap.
1956Standard Vanguard SportsmanSaloon4 Cylinder 2088cc ?TR3 Specs?85mm / 92mm8-190 at 4500 R.P.MTwin S.U  HD61270.0Kg  Fitted with Laycock De Normanville overdrive which was standard for the Sportsman Model
1957Standard Super 104 Door Sedan4 cylinder  Over Head valve (948cc)76mm 7.0 to 133 at 4500 RPMSolex 26 ziaco710Kg32 ltrReasonable comfort and vision. Revolutionary stanDrive two pedal operation gear change (incorporating Newton Bennet Patent) No Clutch Pedal Rear Seat folds forward and transforms into a camping body, or extra large boot capacity.
1958StandardVanguard Phase IIISedan4 Cylinder Wet Sleeve OHV 2088 cc85mm x 92mm7.5:168 at 4200 RPMSingle Solex1222Kg54LtrsElectric Overdrive, Reserve Petrol Tank, Synchro on 1st Gear, Rear Venetian, Sun Visor Weather shields, Tow Bar.
1959Triumph HeraldCoupe2 Door4 cylinder 1200cc O.H.V63mm x 76mm8.5 /1 C.R42.5 at 5500 RPMTwin S.U Side draught787 Kg32 ltrThe hard top can be removed. Has a 4 speed gear box.
1960Standard Motor Car Company, CoventryTriumph  TR3ARoadster4 Cylinder O.H.V wet sleeve 2.2Litre 87mm / 92mm8.5-1100 at 5000 R.P.MTwin 13/4 Side draught S.U910Kg54LitresFirst Production car to be fitted with Girling disc brakes.


1960Standard Motor Car Company, CoventryTriumph  TR3ARoadster4 Cylinder O.H.V wet sleeve 2.2Litre 87mm / 92mm8.5-1100 at 5000 R.P.MTwin 13/4 Side draught S.U910Kg54LitresFirst Production car to be fitted with Girling disc brakes. Top speed of 110 K.P.H 4 speed with overdrive on 2nd 3rd and top gears.
1962Standard VanguardPhase IIISedan 4 Door6 cylinder 1998cc 20.8 Horse Power74.7mm x 76mm8 to 180 at 4400 RPMTwin Solex1222Kg54 ltrThree speed gear column shift with optional over drive box.
1962Standard VanguardPhase IIISaloon4 Cylinder 17.9 H.P, 127 c.u (2008c.c)3.347? (85.0mm)7:0168 at 4200 R.P.MSingle Solex231/2 CWTS> (1143KG)12 Gallons (54.5 Litres) 
1962Standard VanguardEstate Wagon6 Cylinder OHV2.94 x 2.992               74.7mm x 76mm8-180 at 4400RPMTwin Solex24 ¼ CWT.   1233Kg14 Gallon (63 Litres)Electric Overdrive
1963VanguardEstate Station Wagon4 Door & Tail Gate4 Cylinder 85mm x 92mm7.5-1 , 7-1 Twin 1257Kg (63.6 Litres) 
1967TriumphGT6Sports Saloon2 Ltr 6 cylinder 1998cc  9.5 to 195Twin Strongburg813Kg44.3ltr 
1946/47Standard Flying 8Tourer4 cylinder 1021cc Side valve56.7mm x 100mm6.7 to 128 at 4000 RPMSolex type F.A.I802Kg (14CWT3/4)27 ltr  (6 Gallons)550 X 16 tyres fitted to rear.